Order a giant hamburger kit

Order a giant hamburger kit that fits your occasion. kits includes a ready to use giant hamburger bun. kit #1 one 16 inch bun, kit #2 two 16 inch buns, kit #3 three 16 inch buns.

 Make a giant hamburger for your next Birthday party,Tailgate party,fundraiser Troop home coming, weekend fun with friends and family

12 inch and 16 inch Do it yourself giant hamburger kits. These kits. recommend for over sea shipping

The do it your self kits have a 18 month shelf life making it great for over sea shipping. These kits include giant hamburger flour an DVD  shows you step by step how to make and bake the giant hamburger bun yourself. These kits  also makes for a great gift. available in 12 and 16 inch kits

View free hamburger recipes

Make your favorite restaurant burger party size. Don't have an burger ideal. visit our list of free hamburger recipe. each recipe gives you a list of ingredients needed to make the best burger ever.

(New) Jr giant hamburger kit make a 12 inch giant hamburger

The Jr giant hamburger kit includes one ready to use 12 inch giant hamburger bun. DVD shows you step by step how to make and cook the giant meat patty in your kitchen.

Free Ollie's Trolley french fry seasoning recipe

if you've ever ate at an Ollie's Trolley restaurants. you know about the best french fry ever. you can now make your own, Ollie's trolley fry seasoning at home in your kitchen. just click on button beloiw to request a free Ollie's trolley french fry seasoning recipe.

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