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Fox news Cincinnat, OH

Joe Drozda and Kenny of fox

news, making The Giant Hamburger





We made American favorite food fun again! Order our easy to use giant hamburger kit! It's great weekend fun with friends and family.


                     Just have fun with it!                                               


 " Delicious Juicy. Massive "

 Make your favorite restaurant burger party size

Super size it!

We have 100 free hamburger for you

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Try burger #42,  visit our 100 free hamburger recipe page. to see this great burger


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                New giant hamburger buns 12"                                                                                                      New giant hamburger bun 12"

                        Gotham burger                                                                                                                                     Big Red burger

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New photos. 4/1/2016

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in Birthday gallery

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New Birthday Photos. Anthony's Birthday party 9/4/2015



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 Make a giant hamburger you can actually eat. The new fun thing to do!






 Do you know you can make any of these giant hamburgers? in just three easy steps. with our easy to use giant hamburger kit. in your kitchen. Or on the backyard grill. Order a giant hamburger kit today. and just have fun with it.