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 Having a wedding? Build a giant wedding burger for the bride and groom

  Surprise the groom with his or hers favorite burger one giant hamburger will feeds up to 25 guest. Make a fun wedding burger.





Fox news Cincinnat, OH

Joe Drozda and Kenny of fox

news, making The Giant Hamburger





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Free Catalog

Get a free giant hamburger catalog just e-mail us with your request. It's free.

We made American favorite food fun again! Order our easy to use giant hamburger kit! It's great weekend fun with friends and family.


 " Delicious Juicy. Massive "

           Tailgaters football season is here! Cooking at the Stadium parking lot this year?

                                You could be on TV  showing off your giant hamburger.





 Have you ever tried to make a giant hamburger? Well now you can in three easy steps with the easy to use giant hamburger kit.we'll show you how to make the perfect giant party burger every time in your kitchen or on your back yard grill. make your's or your friends next birthday party a fun one surprise them with their favorite burger and what makes this so great one giant burger feeds up to 25 kids. just leave your giant plain serve all the conidents on the side let them dress their own, thats 25 burgers in one see how many different burgers you get out of your giant hamburger. making giant hamburgers the new fun thing to do!




The giant hamburger giving away contest

We're giving away a second laptop


 Mom we can win a free                      Throwing a Birthday party for a friend? Send us photos                 We're giving away this HP Stream 11

 laptop and have fun making            of your friends giant hamburger party and we'll enter                      laptop. When make any size order you'll

 a giant hamburger for my                 five of your friends in the giant hamburger giving away                  be automatically entered in the giant

 Birthday party. We're                          contest for free.                                                                                                        hamburger giving away for free.

automatically entered with                                                                                                                                                         Contest Ends 8/30/2015

our order.

           Win this HP Stream 11 Laptop Free entry with your order. Visitors welcome to enter. Click here for details.



 Breaking News

Chris Pulliam, sent a photo of the laptop

he just won in The giant hamburger giveaway contest

you can enter as a guess. Click on the giant hamburger giveaway for details. 



   To our contest winner

Chris Pullam Lexington Park, MD 20653



 The Giant Hamburger Store

to order a giant hamburger kit

and other items click on link below.


                      Click Here:    The Giant Hamburger Store


Sports Fans Tailgating Photo Gallery

   View real sports fans tailgating photos. if your a die hard tailgater

join in on the fun make a giant hamburger for your next tailgating

party, your big game party. one giant hamburger will feed up to 25

kids. we also have a $500 who can do it challenge, eat our giant

hamburger and win. visit the who can do it challenge page for details

click on link below .


                                        Click Here:  Sports Fans Tailgating 

Birthday photo Gallery

Click on the link below to view photos of customer

giant hamburger birthday party. Surprise the Birthday

boy or girl there birthday with a burger party size. this

will be a birthday to remember . Don't forget our troops

home coming America's favorite food fun again. Click on

link below.

                                   Click Here:  Birthday photo Gallery

 Office Pot Luck Photo Gallery

View photos of co-worker having fun. They chip in and

ordered a giant hamburger kit. One co-worker made the

giant hamburger others supplied drinks, condiments, each

person made the burger they liked. 25 burgers in-one. prevent

 a  co-worker going out to the nearest burger store with a list

of burger to get. have a giant hamburger pot luck. click on link

below to view photo gallery.

                                      Click Here: Gallery Office Potluck


  Giant hamburger Photo Gallery

Check out photos of customers having fun making their

first giant hamburger wit our easy to use giant hamburger kit

you can also make a giant burger in three easy steps. make plans

this weekend with friends and family doing the new fun thing to do!

click on link below to view customer photos.

Click Here: Giant Hamburger Photo Gallery

Enter your giant hamburger photo in our best burger contest for a chance to win 500.00! click on link below for rules.

Click here

 $500 Who Can Do It Challenge

When you order your giant hamburger make plans to win

the who can do it challenge. Take the challenge in the comfort

of your home just video tape the event. click on the link below

for more details on how to enter contest.


                                       Click Here:   Who Can Do It Challenge

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We have the  ingredient for making the Ollie trolley French fry seasoning

using home ingredient. we also sell 1lb bags of the original Ollie trolley

 French fry seasoning in our online store.

Make your own Ollie's Trolley French Fry Seasoning request a free recipe

                     Click Here: Details Ollie Trollery French fry seasoning


100 Free Hamburger Recipes

Before you place your order visit our 100 free hamburger recipes. then super size it! with the best party burger ever.




                                          Click Here: Hamburger Recipes Free



 Make a giant hamburger you can actually eat. The new fun thing to do!







Do you know you can make one of these giant hamburger? in just three easy steps with our giant hamburger kit in your kitchen or on the back yard grill. Order your kit and just have fun with.